Thank You for Your Word. Thank You for sending Your Son. Thank You for wildflowers & birds & sunshine. Thank you for Your creation, & our innate ability to create. Thank You for family. Thank You for brunch & lunch & dinner & the people gathered around their tables. Thank You for coffee. Thank You for pretty little things. Thank You for art & music & dance. Thank You for late nights & early mornings & all the hours in between. Thank You for the comfort of sweatpants & the elegance of a fancy dress. Thank You for stories. Thank You for storytellers. Thank You for health. Thank You for healing. Thank You for Your comfort. Thank You for your unconditional love. Thank You for your patience. Thank You for romance. Thank You for sleepovers & good (and bad) movies. Thank You for formal (but mostly informal) dance parties. Thank You for feelings. Thank You for thoughts. Thank You for freedom. Thank You for your pursuit. Thank You for always hearing me. Thank You for knowing me. Thank You wonder. Thank You for awe. Thank You for stars. Thank You for clean water. Thank You for leading an army. Thank You for your protection. Thank You for the things that we can't explain. Thank you for sisters & brothers. Thank you for a future fueled by hope. Thank you for my future friends. Thank you.

And it goes on.   


The Spirit often acts as sunglasses. 

He takes the seemingly mundane visual set before me and clarifies it, defines it and usually makes a situation look more beautiful, just like my favorite pair of shades does. 

He doesn't change what I'm looking at, but how. 


Preface: Winter + Myself = no way José

When recently heading down the highway on one of those breathy and bright mornings, I got stuck behind a semi.

As we both continued to squeeze the gas pedal down the road, a thin wind of snow began to swift off the roof of the semi and gracefully lay upon my windshield.

It wasn't enough to blind me, but enough to take my notice. 

And as I flicked on the blinker to head to the next lane, I saw that annoying (& cold, can't forget the cold) snow, differently than I have ever seen before.

It's as if I saw this element of the earth in which I usually crabbily despise sing praises to His name. 

I saw white: 

Yes, obviously, but the  g l o r i o u s Holy Spirit really made me see white. 

 I was probed to wonder the ways of our God, and curious as to His choice of all the colors He created why He chose to wash the earth in white.


{Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow} Isaiah 1:18

OF COURSE the cold fluff we always complain about is white! His creation is singing of the pure and graceful blank slate we are continually being washed by in Christ alone!

(Like serious praise hands, right?)

And the added bonus that stuck my attention was that my car wasn't only being washed down with WHITE snow, but sparkly snow too.

  When the light hits the snow all it can do is glisten. 

And friends, that's just like us. 

The moment we let Jesus in we are washed white, and His glorious light beams through each of His children giving only one option: to shine. 

Wow, our God is big. Wow, our Jesus loves us so. And Wow, His Holy Spirit is cooler than even my coolest pair of sunglasses.